Why to choose ADA


A dynamic recruitment company who understands that our clients have far greater objectives to achieve in their business. As such, we will ensure our focused attention to your recruitment, selection and placement process, in order that clients concentrate on achieving their core business objectives. 


We offer three specific products; each designed to fulfill your needs effectively.

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  • Response Handling
  • Verification/Background Checks
  • Training & Development
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contractual Recruitment
  • Temporal/ Labour Recruitment


Temporary recruitment means more than just filling a gap. If a temporary need arises, be it to handle an increased workload, to provide leave cover, or if a key individual suddenly leaves, you need the right resources.

With this in mind, we pay attention not only to the key competencies required, but also to business culture suitability and project fit. Our aim is that our temporary staff should not merely perform the required function professionally and with great competence, but will make a sustainable impact on our client’s business.

Furthermore, we will manage all the associated statutory requirements, including payroll, UIF and disciplinary matters.